Take off the old self and grab ahold of the new!

This week I had a young man tell me that his soon to be mother-in-law didn’t want him to marry her daughter. I asked why, “He said, she still sees me like the old person I use to be”.

A few months back, this young man began to recognize things in him that he was no longer happy with. He began to focus on those areas and began to create change little by little.

When your in transition and someone still sees or remembers you as that old self that can be discouraging. No matter what you say they still define you as who they once knew. Which is understandable because they have never met the new you!

I know there are areas in my life that I struggle with and that I am working on. Some days are harder than others but I continue to press toward the goal.

Self reflection: Are there areas in your life that you are struggling with? That you no longer want it to define you as. Let’s hone in one thing at a time!

I said to this young man, “You do not have to prove that your a changed man. Allow others to see your behaviors and actions of who you have become”. Watch your thoughts and attitudes in your mind and continue to throw off the old self when it tries to creep back in and embrace the new self!

The key is continuing to move forward even if your afraid of embarking on the new you that you have never met. But do it, even if your doing it afraid!

In order to be world changers it has to begin within us. Here is quote I want to leave you with:

You can’t go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending- C.S. Lewis

Carrier’s of Hope

Sandy Cortes

Breathing Hope One Life at a Time!


Who is coaching YOU?

What is a coach?  It is a coach who comes alongside you to see you where you are at and help you get to where you want to be. 

I recall watching a commercial with a well-known basketball player and thinking, “He was not always a great basketball player”.  He had to work with someone behind the scenes that showed him different techniques and calling out some of the areas where growth needed to take place in.   The coach had to come alongside the basketball player on the sidelines and outside the games calling out different plays to conduct and not conduct while being in and out of the game.  Even the best experts utilize a Coach. A coach will listen to your story without feeling judged, criticized and provided the greatest support during those hard times.

We all have blind spots in our lives that we are unaware of and need some guidance in.  In having coach or accountability partner, they help in areas that are challenging and approach beliefs that are crippling one from making genuine connections and have fulfilling relationships.  They help individuals to gain the courage, strength and discover some of the passions and gain the confidence needed in overcoming life challenges that come unexpectedly.  

A coach helps to work on self-confidence and explore obstacles that have kept an individual stuck and has enabled them in believing that they can move forward.  Especially if you have not identified them as blind spots or mental blocks.   With Coaching one can explore many different topics like personal goals and/or professional goals.  It is not just about dealing with the past but closing the gap of where one is currently at and where you would like to be in your ideal self. Together creating an action plan that the individual and the coach are held accountable to fulfill and achieve those goals.

When your sitting down with someone who is a coach or is holding you accountable that person is able to examine where you are at and learn what patterns have been good for you and not.  Honing in and taking a look at some of the life challenges and misunderstandings about yourself and others.  That has occurred throughout life and learn to follow through in trusting yourself to revisit those areas. A coach helps with your personal life, goal setting, and dealing with life challenges.  It helps an individual to get unstuck and create healthy habits, as well as learning how to have fun, unleash the gifts within you, and improve relationships.  Furthermore, it helps create awareness in identifying your life purpose and reaching your goals.

People that have chosen to have a Coach have been successful in life because they have chosen to do something different and together brainstorm and create a plan that will lead them to become a better individual. 

The role of a Coach is to help provide the tools needed to help achieve goals and carry out the vision for yourself at the same time holding you accountable.  It is a great resource to utilize that allows an individual to move forward in life where the life coach is there to motivate and supports individuals that face roadblocks along the way.  Everyone has life challenges but it is what you do with them that matters.  With each challenge, there is always a solution that eventually becomes part of your story.

Where we get to explore and face those areas of life that have been challenging and help shape you into a stronger, healthier and empower the person within you.  It is a place where we provide the tools to help empty the garbage out. The goal is to gain new tools to deal with life challenged one has experienced as well as prepare you to cope effectively with the stresses and challenges that life brings. 

Life Application

Do you want to achieve happiness and true fulfillment in your personal life? Do you want to begin let go of any fears and concerns? It is time to seek after a coach or accountability partner, as we all need in our lives.

Carrier’s of Hope,

Sandy Cortes

Breathing Hope One Life at a Time!


Here we go!


There went the weekend and Monday was here.  Attempting to start another diet and telling myself, “I need to log my food”.  There I was dealing with the feelings of disappointment and failing once again.  I was on another roller coaster ride.  Yet, I was not holding my arms up screaming with excitement, they were more like feelings of defeat.  I asked myself, “Sandy, Why are you not taking care of yourself?”  Your not happy with yourself and do not like how you feel.  Those feelings of self-hatred began to taunt me.

Growing up, I believed this is who I was, due to what my step father would say, so this was normal to me.  When I looked in the mirror I always saw the “overweight girl”.  Yet, I was not overweight but partnered with this belief.  I wore it like a necklace around my neck it was part of my accessories.  I went through sexual trauma growing up and was bullied by a girl who continually molested me.  She would make threats that if I said anything she would beat me up.  So I believed that no one would no longer touch me inappropriately if I was overweight.

My father would say, “Your fat and no one likes a fat person”, “Do you know being fat is not attractive”.   Eating became a way of soothing and self sabotaging myself.  I slowly began to eat away the pain.  I did not realize I was an emotional eater.  At 17, I left my home and gained about a hundred and fifteen pounds.  I was finally able to hide behind the weight.  It created this self-hatred within me and can hear the lies of my stepfather.  Thank God I was able to lose that that weight.  Lately, I noticed some old behaviors coming back.  I was positioning myself to stand in line waiting for the roller coaster to arrive.

Have you ever done something where you knew what you had to do?  Yet, you don’t do it and go back to what feels comfortable.  Knowing full well your supposed to do.  It will make you happier, confident and being content with yourself.  I myself had to do some soul-searching lately.  Wondering, why I have been out of control with eating?  What is happening internally that is causing  me to respond this way?  I definitely do not want to gain all that weight back. Then I hear this scripture, “I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do”.

Somewhere along the line I became comfortable and complacent again.  I lost my focus of the goal and I stop believing that I can do this.  Just when you thought this girl was down, the fighter in me doesn’t just quit, quitting is not an option!  As I was standing there I saw the roller coaster go right by me.  Why? Because I decided to do something simple for myself and not get on the rollercoaster.  Today, I have not eaten any candy and I am back to drinking more water.  As humans we can complicate things more than we need too.  I have to keep things simple so that I don’t become overwhelm and quit on myself.  I walk away feeling like a winner and watching the roller coaster go by.

I want to encourage you, that if you are on a roller coaster ride, it’s okay.  Let’s do some soul-searching on whatever is oozing in your life or has become a struggle. The biggest part of this race on earth is to keep going and not quit.  Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize!

Life Application 

  • Are you on the roller coaster and ready to get off?
  • What promises have you made to yourself that you have not showed up too?
  • Start with something small you want to add to your life, maybe something simple like drinking more water or watching your thoughts, or mediate for 5 minutes on the good things that are happening in your life.
  • Once you have accomplished what you have added, focus on one thing you want to change and keep going.

No longer standing in line, waiting to get on the ride!

Sandy Cortes, Carrier’s of Hope

Breathing Hope one Life at a Time!



Plug in your address…

business-car-computer-1305305On my trip to Indiana I had the privilege of getting a free upgrade with my rental car. This was a great opportunity to get all the bells and whistle in a car.  So they offered my husband and I top pf the line pearly white Nissan Maxima.  As the words were getting ready to come out of my mouth, “We will take it”, my husband said, “What we need is a vehicle that has more space.” So the gentleman said, “Well we a have a mini van”. My thoughts, “A mini van, wow, what a Buzz killer!”  So we got the mini van it wasn’t pearly but it did have a fancy navigational system, seat warmers, and the doors opened from both sides of the van.

That fancy navigational system told me all the different places and pit stops around me. Being that I was in a new environment and didn’t know my way around it was perfect! Then I began noticing that every time I would put in my son’s address it would take us on a different route. Yet the address remained the same.  From my location to my son’s home it was a good hour and a half so it made me reflect on different things.  I began pondering, “Do I know where I am going on this journey called “life”? Where am I with my goals, and dreams?” What are some things I have set out to do that I haven’t accomplished?

There are areas in my life that I know the address but somehow fail to get there.  If I am being completely honest at times I don’t even know how to get there or don’t believe I can get there. For example, weight loss has always been a challenge my whole life.  My step father would joke about my thighs and how “fat” I was. He engrained in my head that overweight people are ugly and no one wants someone who is overweight.  Here is the real sad part, I was never overweight growing up but subconsciously plugged that destination in my head. So I had my reserved parking spot that I can pull up to at any time.

Remember when I mentioned how the navigational system continued taking me on a different route, but got us to our destination.  Well the same thing happens with our goals, and things we are wanting to accomplish or change in our life.  Self consciously I choose to take a different route that sabotages me from getting to that address.  It’s so easy to get sucked in to all the different pit stops around me like the cheesecakes, soda pops, and the pizzas.  Oh how I love those beautiful pit stops. They seem so gratifying in the moment and I literally get so comfortable in being at that pit stop that I have lost sight of my destination and remain parked.

I have come to the realization that I can’t afford to stop at the pit stops.  They are prohibiting me from getting to my destination.  I have to stay the course and remind myself of the address that was plugged in.  How many times in our life do we actually feel or know where we are going?  If only it was as simple as to just plug-in an address and boom there we are!  In our lives we have control deciding where we are going, but like myself many times have chosen not to.  We all have different pit stops along the way. It’s truly is a matter of the will and if we will stay or continue moving until we’ve reached the address that was plugged in.

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us (Hebrews 12:1, NLT). 

Life Application

  • What are some of those pits stops that you continue to pull into?
  • Have you plugged in your address?
  • Now, do you know where you are heading?

Is their anyone out there that can relate to this? Let’s generate some conversation.  I would love to hear from you.  Share some your of your own pit stops.  Have an amazing week!

Sandy Cortes, Carrier’s of Hope

Breathing Hope one Life at a Time!




What happened to your wind turbine?

energy-field-renewable-energy-112846.jpgAs I was traveling through the beautiful countryside of Indiana I was fascinated by these beautiful wind turbines. I was curious to see what they do. A wind turbine is specifically developed to generate electricity.  It is a device that converts kinetic energy into electric energy. As I watched the windmill, it continued to move in one direction. It stood tall, strong and was constantly moving.  This made me reflect with things in my own life.

I recall about three years ago God began telling me about the plans he had for me. He told me to write things down and start preparing myself for what was coming. It took me a long time to really implement some of the things, that I am still trying to work out the kinks.  I was so afraid of venturing out or even telling others about those things. Due to “fear of failure” or what if it didn’t play out in my life?

The output of a wind turbine depends on the size and the wind’s speed through the rotor. I had to begin to build my wind turbine and create some momentum on the things that God was telling me to do.  To begin momentum one of the things God shared with me was to begin a blog, which required writing. Just that word alone makes me want to run the other way.  Well as you are reading I have begun that. I can not say this is easy and sometimes I think to myself “I do not know what I am doing”. I even question if people are interested or even reading what I am writing. But I can not let those thoughts dictate and I have to continue creating that momentum.

Just like the wind turbine I have to continue to create momentum in what God has asked of me.  I know God called me to counsel, uplift, and teach others.  I was called to be a “Carrier of Hope”.  Then God gave me the name “Carrier’s of Hope” as my business name.  As you notice on the word “Carrier’s it has a ‘s on the end and that’s because, he comes alongside to lead and guide me into breathing hope in the lives of the hopeless”.  So it would not be a one man business or show and that his name would be glorified through it all.  The wind turbine is grounded and stands strong.  I must remain grounded and stand in alignment with God and his direction.   WIthout him I can not create momentum. I can make my wind turbine move.

So I ask,  “How is your wind turbine doing?”  Have you set goals and stopped moving for whatever reason or did you stop dreaming? Maybe you have lost the passion in your life? Have lost the excitement of what you were set out to do? I am familiar with that feeling.  I was never raised with goals or dreams and never knew what passion was. I had a father who told me “I would never amount to anything.” So that’s what I believed for the majority of my life. Until God got a hold of my heart and began to show me and identify my fears and beliefs.

I want to challenge you today, to step out and move on what God has told you to do. Maybe there are some gifts and talents you have that are just sitting stagnant.  Ask God to show you what he has called you to do.  I dare you to test God and see where he leads you.

Life Application

  • Have you built your wind turbine?
  • Is it time to revisit your wind turbine and give it a tune up to begin creating movement?
  • Journal what God tells you, so you can revisit those promises when the wind turbine stops moving.

Join forces with me and let’s create a movement that will electrify and change the lives of others!

Carrier’s of Hope

Sandy Cortes

Breathing Hope one Life at a Time!