Premarital Counseling

Sandy provided premarital counseling to my husband and I during our season of engagement. One thing we love about her is how real and raw she is. She does not sugarcoat. A marriage takes true hard work and she helped guide and navigate us through difficult topics that need to be talked about before saying “I do.” Our sessions with Sandy only reaffirmed how strong of a bond my husband and I have with one another. Even after months have passed, Sandy still checks in with us, prays for us and roots for our marriage. She has an amazing heart and incredible way of connecting with you. She was definitely put on this earth to help others through challenging or life changing times. My husband and I would 100% recommend anyone to reach out to Sandy if they ever need premarital/couples counseling (Or any counseling)!
-Ally & Jason

Life Raft

Thank you Sandy for being my life raft. I felt so alone and lost that I didn’t know what to do. I was experiencing personal & marital issues that became so unbearable, I knew I needed to seek out a therapist. Sandy is caring, patient and understanding. She is never judgmental. Sandy taught me how to let go of the hurt and anger I was still enduring from my past. She taught me how to fight for my marriage with prayer, instead of verbal & physical anger. Sandy is a highly recommended therapist. She will definitely make a lasting difference and impression on your life, as she has in mine.-Kelly

Gets the job done!

The therapy that Sandy provided was quick and effective! Then our seesions ended and I was required to obtain EMDR. Sandy got me connected immediately with another therapist and there was no time lapse! I absolutely love her efficiency.-Hope


Your podcast has been excellent and helpful after our sessions ended! My transition has been beautiful, thanks to you! I’ll forever speak highly of you and the superb work you have done in my life!


Gained a friend

Sandy, helped me through multiple therapy sessions related to a few incidents that were work-related. They led to causing different incidents of PTSD and flashbacks. Meeting with Sandy changed my life. She helped me see things through a new perspective and change my mentality on different situations in life. I can’t thank her enough for all she helped me get through and for building a friendship through the process. I was skeptical of talking to somebody and hate opening up about my personal issues, but now I am an avid believer in counseling to help your own mental.